About Us

Our Mission & Vision

At Rise Above Physical Therapy we believe in providing personalized one-on-one care to every individual. We are committed to a high standard of excellence and patient care. Our team strives to deliver patient centered quality care. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail. Every individual is unique and deserves personalized treatment plans to fit their needs and allow them to achieve beyond their maximal potential.

What We Do?

Our Physical therapists are equipped with the latest evidence based treatment techniques and continuously grow their knowledge through various continuing education courses. At Rise Above Physical Therapy we treat a variety of diagnoses/conditions such as pelvic floor dysfunction, women’s health, sports injuries, post-surgical rehab, and orthopedic related conditions.

Why Us?

Our vision is to empower and educate patients on their current condition and develop ways to prevent future injury. We always place the patient’s needs first by providing personalized care that caters to your special need and fits your busy schedule. At Rise Above Physical Therapy our treatment sessions are always one-on-one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We hold each team member to a higher standard of care and create a positive, stress-free environment to provide you with all the tools necessary to succeed. 

Finding your Why?

Many clinicians only treat your symptoms, but often this is short lived. At Rise Above Physical Therapy, we search diligently to find the underlying cause of your symptoms. We treat you as a whole person not just a body part. This holistic approach to care yields lasting results because we look at all the factors leading to your symptoms. Although machines, biofeedback, and electrical stimulation can contribute to your success, they are simply on avenue to reach a goal. We never leave you on a machine and walk away. We constantly observe and adjust your technique to yield you the best results. We believe in hands-on manual physical therapy and having specific reasoning behind each technique/exercise used. We want to empower you and give you all the tools to succeed and prevent you from returning. We develop an action plan to help you achieve your goals in optimal time.


In New Jersey you are eligible for Direct Access care by a Licensed Physical Therapist. This means that you no longer need a physician’s referral to seek out Physical Therapy services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Physical Therapist is a licensed professional who graduated from an accredited graduate level program of either a master’s Degree or a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree. A Physical Therapist is a movement specialist who takes into account the whole person. He/she utilizes a set of comprehensive skills to evaluate and treat a patient. A Physical Therapist provides education on current condition, detailed action plan, guidance, and exercise prescription  to optimize recovery, reach your personal goals, and prevent future injuries.

Pelvic Floor physical therapy  is a special subset of physical therapy that evaluates and treats problems relating to the pelvis. This includes but is not limited to pelvic, sacroiliac and low back pain, urinary problems like incontinence or difficulty voiding, bowel problems like constipation and bowel leakage, and sexual problems like pain or discomfort with sexual activity. Call our office today, to schedule a comprehensive exam and allow us to assist you in finding lasting relief.

New Jersey law allows patients in New Jersey to receive physical therapy treatment from a licensed physical therapist at an outpatient rehabilitation provider  without a referral from a licensed health care professional (“Direct Access Law”), with some restrictions. We are always happy to partner with your other healthcare providers in your care. If you have a referral please bring it with you to your first visit. If you do not have a referral, we are still able to see you for your initial evaluation!

At Rise Above Physical Therapy we provide one-on-one personalized care to help you find lasting relief. We treat you as a whole person rather than a body part. We look for the reason behind your present symptoms and educate you on your current condition. After the initial evaluation, we create an action plan with a comprehensive home exercise program to fit your lifestyle and needs. Every individual is unique and deserves to have personalized care rather than cookie cutter treatment. We put the patient always first and strive to provide exceptional care. 

The first session will start with the completion of intake paperwork. This will allow us to tailor your initial evaluation. Then you will be taken to the exam room to answer a series of detailed history questions, we will make a problem list, and discuss your goals for treatment. Once this is complete we will perform a comprehensive exam including but not limited to posture and movement assessment, specific examination tests/measures tailored to your specific condition. We will create a treatment plan based on the results and recommend referrals if necessary to help you achieve your goals and enhance your quality of life. 

To learn more about the specifics of the initial evaluation contact us today and we would be happy to answer all your questions!  

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